• A Search for SaaS
    Finally, all in one place.
    If you're a modern entrepreneur, CIO, or CIO in a company that runs most of their operations
    over the Internet in online clouds and software as a service (SaaS), you may not be
    using your information strategically or acting on it with the most efficiency.


Most Sites and Portals have bad search implementations. Ask us how we can improve your search so that people find what they are looking for.


Your company has knowledge locked up in silos in online software (SaaS) and cloud storage. Want helping finding it all?


You have untapped wealth in the data in your CRMs and your Social Networks that add more to your organization's relationships.



We've integrated over 30 different businesss software platforms and frameworks. If we haven't integrated it, we can figure out how.

Google Drive

We use open scalable software that can be scaled on a variety of private and public clouds. We currently provide managed service that covers all aspects of maintenance of your search platform.


We can make your search results look beautiful. Imagine a location search with hover popups, or a network graph visualization of how knowledge is connected.


We use open architecture that allows you to work with the index data using Web APIs or directly through programming libraries.

RSS Feeds

Do you need customizations? We can help you build new aggregators, or data processors and analyzers.


We have a dedicated product support team to service your requests for help related to configurations, customizations, or maintenance.

Content - A Smarter Search

Public Sites, Directories, Catalogs

Most search engines only list 10 pages at a time because that's about how many pages people can see at any given time. All websites over 25-50 pages need a smart search that orders the results.

News & Press Releases

You have a news section for your business or maybe you have a knowledge log for your company (like we do) and it's updated all the time. Wouldn't it be great to have someone find and get what they need?

Intranets / Portals

"It's on the portal." Heard that one before? We have. We know it's on the portal, but where? How does your team, vendors, partners find information on your intranet or extranet? Is it a "black hole?"

Search Content Smarter

As a growing enterprise you probably have content in different places. You and your company have more information that you can probably think of right now. Let's help you figure out how to make sense of all that content.